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Kitchen utilities, recycling and food wastage.

Self Catering Kitchen

As the house is used all year around, we have everything you may need for a comfortable stay.
In one of the cupboards we keep a small basic supply for our guests, this could be flower, sugar or a few ingredients that can come handy while doing some general cooking.

Next to the stove in the very top drawer, we have a spice draw where you are able to help yourself to flavour the food that you are making. We also keep raps oil and olive oil handy in the kitchen. There may be some balsamic vinegar etc in the cupboard on the left of the fridge. There may also be some soya sauce, ketchup, mustard and sweet chilli sauce and other stuff in the fridge that you may help yourself too.

We feel that these are basic ingredients, but if you are staying for a few days to travel to the next spot you might want to buy your own, otherwise use the things that we have provided for you and avoid the hassle of buying ingredients that you might only use a couple of drops or grams of.


We really enjoy our breakfast bar over looking the fields and the back garden. Seats 4 people on bar stools, with close access to coffee, kettle and cups etc.

The farmer sometimes have their cows grazing in the field behind the house, this is great to see and give a very rural feel. However it may also bring in some extra guests into the house such as black or green flies.

Hot drinks to your “fika” – Coffee or Tea

We have several options for coffee and tea.

  • Peculator – Please note that it’s on as soon as you put the peculator kettle on it’s black plate, so make sure you keep it off while not in use.
  • Espresso Machine – if you enjoy and know how to use the espresso machine, please do so. Clean after use and empty the water drawer.
  • Espresso on the stove, gives 3 cups of coffee. If you like flat white, fill up 2-3 cm espresso in a cup, add your choice of milk and put the cup in the microwave for 30 seconds. (Instant caffe latte)
  • Instant coffee or tea, boil the water kettle and enjoy a steaming hot drink.
  • In the kitchen drawer there are tea pods for loose tea, you may help yourself to some of the loose tea – several options.

There are also smoothie mashine on the counter top and in the cupboards you may find an electric wisk or hand mixer

“Home Sweet Home”

Air Con – Cool or hot air or just a fan

The Air Con unit makes life easier if you have a hot summer day and want to cool the house down, as the big window in the dining area do allow a lot of heat to get stored in the house. During cooler seasons or on a rainy day you can raise the temperature in the house.

Do use the unit with sensibility, as it do draw some electricity, for an example close doors and windows when in use etc. However, if you have someone sleeping upstairs, putting the air con on in the early evening to cool the house is a good idea, it will help to also cool upstairs and will help the smaller air con unit on the second floor to cope better after a hot day.


Under the sink you will find a dish washer, the tablets we use are YES, you can find them in the cupboard to the left of the fridge.

We normally use RAPID program, it takes 30 minutes for a load to wash.

Please do not put pots and pans in the dishwasher, or hand painted art-glass (if you have used the tulip glasses)

Ensure nothing is stuck so the washing blade can rotate freely, put the dish washing tablet is in the bottom of the machine.

Drying clothes

Our tumble dryer is situated in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator.

There are is a compartment for water that needs to be emptied in between every wash, as you are opening the door there is also a compartment for fluff that needs to be emptied.

The program that is showing on the picture takes about 2,5 hour and your clothing’s are nice and dry.

Please take care as the handle ha a bit broken.

Other drying options are the rack that is in the bathroom roof, put your clothings on a hanger and hang it up.

There is also an option to hang your clothings outside, if you look on the above the short wall on the right of the main entrance, there is a rail to hang clothings from hangers there too.

Washing Mashine

Although the washing machine is not in the kitchen – it’s close enough.

Washing powder and softener is available together with a washing bag for underwear.

Recommended setting is the fast wash, which is 30 minuets.

Put softener in the left compartment and the washing powder in the middle compartment.


Rubbish, Recycling and Food Waste

We only getting rubbish collection every two weeks, so help us by separating rubbish, recycle and foodwaste.

In the kitchen there are two black bins, in the cupboard next to the stove and oven. We normally use the front one for rubbish and the back for plastics, bottles, glas and pet-bottles etc.

Outside, there is a bin room. Here you can sort out the clear glas from the coloured, aluminium cans that are bought in Sweden and pet-bottles (generally sparkling drinks or concentrate bottles etc) have their own white boxes. Don’t crunch or squash these bottles.

Other plastics bottles and metal lids will go into a package whit the symbol on it. Cardboard and cartons can go into the metal bin.

The food waste goes into brown paper bags, (available under the sink in the kitchen) and that leaves other rubbish to the green bins.

Rubbish is collected from the green and brown bin only every other week, the other recycling items we will empty after your stay, or when needed.


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